Your disadvantage could, in fact, be your advantage

My new boss sat me down in the boardroom with two pages printed in her hands and told me she was expecting a bit more from this report. She wanted better formatting, structure and many more pages.

I reminded her I’m not really a report writing type of guy, I like tinkering and experimenting and then reporting back through email on what my suggestions would be.

She shook her head and said, "It's OK Ash, I’ll edit it as it's probably because you didn't go to university, where they teach you this kind of stuff“

One month later we had another meeting and this time it was about our quarterly revenue targets and new product ideas and revenue streams. We sat down in the same boardroom and this time she asked me how come I keep coming up with new ideas and hitting my quarterly targets?

I paused for a few seconds and I said: “because I didn't go to university”.

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