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Frequently asked questions.

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What is a Uhubs Masterclass?

A Uhubs masterclass is a 60 min Immersive & Live Interactive Online Master Class with an Industry Expert (or how we like to call them: one of the Doers!)
The experts share their knowledge and valuable insights remotely via livestream, while attendees have the possibility to interact and ask questions along with like minded individuals, all virtually and online.

How many Live Masterclasses are included in the membership?

If you are a member you get unlimited access to all our public masterclasses.  At the moment we hold one to two masterclasses per week online. You can access using your laptop, mobile or any other device.

If I decide Uhubs is not for me what is the cancelation policy?

As sorry as we may be to see you leave our upskilling community, we understand that sometimes there are other priorities to take care of, or you prefer a different learning path.

If that is so, just email us at hello@uhubs.co.uk and we will take care of it for you. You will receive a confirmation email that your subscription has been cancelled.

What happens if I don’t attend a Masterclass that I have previously reserved?

All Uhubs members have priority access to Live Masterclasses and will never have to wait or pay individually.

We send a calendar invite for each session to our members and we are keen on having them reply yes/no accordingly. This is also helpful in filling the attendee list we send to the campus reception where the session takes place.

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