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The Sales Performance Pulse – Trial

The Pulse helps reps and managers build awareness of their skillset and identifies where they should develop in order to close more deals.

This trial will give you a goody-bag of insights into your sales performance.

Take the Pulse

Complete a 10-minute Pulse to...

Find the right development path to closing more deals

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The right path

Development should be measured in outcomes, not hours.

The Pulse helps you understand which areas you should focus on to drive your performance high.

Benchmark yourself against the SaaS industry

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The SaaS Benchmark

Feel like you're the best closer, the toughest negotiator or strongest relationship builder?

See how your skills stack up against the industry.

Get more out of your 1:1s with your manager

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1:1s that actually make a difference

The insights from the Pulse will make a mediocre 1:1, magnificent.

The ongoing reports give you key topics to discuss, new behaviours to try and recommended Sprints.

Learn more about the Pulse

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