About This Live Masterclass

In this Uhubs masterclass, Experienced Finance Professional and Founder Arfy Majeed will take you through the steps of assessing your personal financial health and how to use the insights and skills that financial experts have learned during Covid-19.

As some experts are foreseeing a second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic startling with July, a better understanding of financial and investing opportunities before and after further market crashes might prove detrimental to your business.

Learning Objectives

1. Self Diagnosis - How to assess your financial health

2. Money Management skills that financial experts learnt during Covid-19

3. Once in a lifetime investing opportunities Vs Further market crashes, and how to really buy the dip.

Who is the Uhubs Expert?

Arfy is an experienced finance professional with a demonstrated history of working in the private banking industry and commodities trading and the founder of "Know Your Numbers" - a platform that teaches financial education and promotes financial well being.

She has worked with many companies such as Renaissance Asset Management, Green Solar Ltd. , Permal Group and is the Vice President Finance at Gemcorp Commodities Trading.


18:30: Session starts - log in with your unique link

19:30: Session finishes, subject to Q n A

19:30: Virtual Networking and Live Catch Up

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