About This Uhubs Session

In this Uhubs session, international speaker, Entrepreneur turned Change Maker, Matthew Black will show you how companies have grown so fast and what are the growth hacks behind them.

Using his 30 years experience in starting businesses and helping entrepreneurs grow their business, Matt will give you the key insights in how to create a valuable business.

What you will learn

1. How to create value using the right business model

2. How have other companies grown so fast and why

3. Growth hack examples & how I quickly built and sold a startup

Who is the Uhubs Expert?

Matt Black is a Serial Entrepreneur, Feminist, Author, and an expert on early stage start-ups. He has mentored thousands of start-ups over his 30 year career. He loves sharing stories & wisdom he has gleaned from both his upbringing in the untamed outback of Australia, as well as life in Silicon Valley & UK's own Silicone Roundabout.

He is passionate about innovation, the start-up subculture & misfit founders who are breaking all the rules while creating a new vision of the future: “if you standing still in business you will fall behind, and fast”.

His current work, as a public speaker and consultant, is to provide insight into how entrepreneurs disrupt sectors, societies, and economies through innovation. As well as practical steps on how corporations can keep their edge by cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset within their organisations.


18:20: arrival at the Uhubs Campus, Shoreditch (come early and network!)

18:45: Session starts (please don't be late!)

19:45: Session finishes, subject to Q n A (Stay around to Network)

**During the session, we also have people from all over the world live streaming , the session is recorded and we take photos for our social media. You can opt out of this if you prefer.

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