About This Uhubs Session

In this Uhubs session, Global Trainer and L&D Consultant Ruth Thomson will help you better understand how to use effective delegation methods that will empower you, as a leader, to grow your team and get more time to further develop your business.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand how strategic delegation can free a leaders time and develop their team

2. Be able to use a structured method for delegating simple and complex tasks

3. Be able to empower and grow their team through delegation

Who is the Uhubs Expert?

Ruth Thomson is a coach, global trainer and consultant. Her clients range from global multinational companies to start-up and scale-up businesses.

With over 15 years management and leadership experience in multiple sectors combined with running her own companies, Ruth loves sharing her knowledge and experience to help people become better managers and leaders.


18:20: arrival at the Uhubs Campus, Shoreditch (come early and network!)

18:45: Session starts (please don't be late!)

19:45: Session finishes, subject to Q n A (Stay around to Network)

**Please be aware that the session is recorded and we take photos for our social media. You can opt out of this if you prefer.

Attention: If you attend our session you automatically agree with our terms & conditions.

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