About This Uhubs Session

In this Uhubs session, Founder and Director of Crest Communications , Rhiannon Evans-Young will go deeper into the importance of understanding your audience and use the right type of message to attract their attention.

A clear, tailored message will increase your chances in getting the right customers for your business, which will exempt you from wasting resources on those that are difficult to attract, or simply are not interested in your business.

Who is the Uhubs Expert?

"Rhiannon is one of the country’s best and brightest media consultants. Rhiannon has become well known in the industry for crafting creative media strategies, grounded in insight and intelligence to help drive commercial growth.

After having made a name for herself delivering awesome results for clients at a Top 100 PR agency, she was snapped up by one of the UK’s largest professional services organisations before going on to found Crest.

Rhiannon has a sharp mind and is always thinking about how she can get the best results for each and every client. "


18:20: arrival at the Uhubs Campus, Shoreditch (come early and network!)

18:45: Session starts (please don't be late!)

19:45: Session finishes, subject to Q n A (Stay around to Network)

**During the session, we also have people from all over the world live streaming , the session is recorded and we take photos for our social media. You can opt out of this if you prefer.

Attention: If you attend our session you automatically agree with our terms & conditions.

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