About This Live Masterclass

In this Uhubs session, Social Selling Strategist and LinkedIn Specialist, Juliana Camargo will provide you with 15 tips and tools to improve your sales strategy across LinkedIn.

Due to her hands on experience in years working in sales, she has created efficient techniques using social selling as a way to convert meaningful conversations into sales on LinkedIn.

Learning Objectives

1. Personal Marketing for LinkedIn - how you can use your profile to attract clients

2. Content Marketing for LinkedIn - How to create content that actually works on LinkedIn

3. Lead generation on LinkedIn - How to use social selling techniques to start meaningful conversations that will convert into business

Who is the Uhubs Expert?

Throughout her ten years; sales experience - seven of which was​ for a toplead generation company in London​ - Juliana has hosted over 170 B2B speed-dating events and successfully helped hundreds of B2B businesses connect with new and potential customers.

Juliana has a network of over 3000 decision-makers at leading corporate in the UK and Europe – over 2000 with whom Juliana has personally met to discuss business challenges and how they how they wish to be approached by suppliers.

She believes that sales has drastically evolved. She has transitioned from the usual sales approach and has developed new techniques to engage with prospects, creating meaningful connections and unlocking real sales opportunities for clients.


18:30: Session starts - log in with your unique link

19:30: Session finishes, subject to Q n A

19:30 - 20:00: Virtual Networking and Live Catch Up

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