About This Live Masterclass

In this Uhubs session, commercial and marketing strategist Peter Macdonald, will take you through the steps of validating your business idea. A process that starts first and foremost with knowing if your ideas will be accepted by the market.

Based on his years of experience working with companies such as Tectonic and Tengri, Peter will share with you practical steps in identifying the problem, finding a viable solution and scaling your business.

Learning Objectives

1. Correctly identifying the problem

2. Finding a valuable solution

3. Scaling across verticals

Who is the Uhubs Expert?

Peter Macdonald is a specialist in creating value propositions around customer needs. He is based in London and works for the market validation consultancy Tectonic, having formally spent 12 years in the fashion sector consulting for brands and fashion tech companies alike.


18:30: Session starts - log in with your unique link

19:30: Session finishes, subject to Q n A

19:30 - 20:00: Virtual Networking and Live Catch Up

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6 full weeks
First 15 members per cohort
Applications close May 15th

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