About This Live Masterclass

In this Uhubs masterclass, Serial Entrepreneur Bertie Cordingley will share with you his experience in the early days of fillmybelly and how he got started. He will teach you how to face the early challenges along with the top things he wishes he had known back then.

If you ever wondered how you can get from an idea to getting your business started, this is the masterclass for you.

Learning Objectives

1. Your ideas don’t have to be a secret.

2. There is never the “right time” to launch

3. Question everything and believe in yourself.

Who is the Uhubs Expert?

Bertie Cordingley is a serial entrepreneur with many businesses under his belt. Bertie has founded companies from the idea stage, right through to multi-million exits.

Bertie has experienced all types of start-ups, from bootstrapping to raising investment. He is best known for founding the hugely successful online takeaway service, fillmybelly in 2006, which acquired by Just Eat in April 2012. Bertie then went on to be a director at Just Eat for 3 years, overseeing further acquisitions which were key to their growth and subsequent IPO.

Bertie has a deep-rooted passion for helping other business owners reach their potential and is now working as a business coach. Bertie specializes in working with business owners get the most out of their businesses by sharing experience and working alongside them.


12:00: Session starts - log in with your unique link

13:00: Session finishes, subject to Q n A

13:20: Virtual Networking and Live Catch Up

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