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Remote Sales Performance in 2021

In January 2021, Uhubs carried out a series of interviews with sales leaders across an array of industries. These interviews resulted in the inaugural Uhubs whitepaper study. 

The focus of this study was to highlight how sales professionals have adapted to remote working, and to monitor sales leader’s attitudes to managing remote teams.

Join the Summit on 12th May 2021 for this White Paper here.

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Remote Sales Performance in 2021
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What's inside?

In this Whitepaper, you will discover...
  • Learnings from interviews with 12 sales leaders from companies such as Salesforce, SalesLoft, G2 and Cognism
  • Insights from over 100 salespeople who have completed the Uhubs Sales Performance Pulse
  • The three most important skills for reps to have, according to CROs
  • The biggest blindspots between sales leaders and their teams
  • How companies have bridged the remote world
  • Recommendations on how to improve remote onboarding
  • Key reasons for why reps are leaving their roles

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