uhubs co-founders

Why did we start Uhubs?

As the work landscape changes, we noticed that higher education is failing the modern professional. E-learning has struggled to transform the education sector as we hoped, and at present lifelong learning isn’t keeping up with increasing pressure to deliver affordable, real-time education.

For years, access to expert business intelligence and mentoring has been only available to the business elite. However, with advancements in technology we are now able to take this knowledge out into the world, in order to enable the modern professional to flourish.
Uhubs was created with this purpose in mind - we want to use technology to bring the best global Experts and live content from around the world to communities that want to upskill and grow their personal networks. Our members get answers to their most pressing questions, access to a select community and flexible peer-to-peer learning at a number of mini campuses across the globe.

Uhubs is for you.

Ash & Matt (Co-founders)


6 full weeks
First 15 members per cohort
Applications close May 15th

An Amazing 6 weeks awaits you

Join lifelong learning professionals and founders to discover and learn new skills from world experts. Get access to top mentors with one to one sessions.

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