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Explaining the MEDDICC System

4 min read

Get to know one of our most requested sales methodologies.

There are so many factors that can influence the sale, and buyer decision isn’t always one of them.

In a sales space with ever-pickier buyers, it can be tough to keep up, but on the flipside, we have more opportunities than ever before to finetune our sales processes.

If you’re not making your quota, it might not necessarily be your fault, it’s not always down to you as a salesperson.

This is where the MEDDICC system comes in. 

Dreamt up in the 1990s specifically for B2B selling, the MEDDICC system is centered around optimising your sales process toward those most likely to buy. In an increasingly data-driven, automated sales environment, this system is more valuable every day, and is currently the most requested sales methodologies for Uhubs sprints.

The process breaks down as follows: 


Identify what your buyer wants from your product, what’s their ROI? Is your product viable for them in the long term? Once you know these metrics, you can describe the economic benefits much more coherently. 

Economic Buyer 

Get to know the decision makers. You won’t always be talking to the decision maker(s), but you need to get to know them first to succeed. 

Decision Criteria 

Understanding how choices are made at the company is crucial too. Knowing how these choices are made can help you tailor the sales process to these criteria. 

Decision Process

Understanding who’s making the decision and what the criteria are are important, but if you understand the decision process, you’re less likely to stagnate or lose momentum. 

Identify Pain

Knowing what’s causing pain for a buyer can be essential too. If you can identify the weak points in their organisation, or areas they’re struggling in, you can tailor your sales process to appeal to those weakpoints. 


You need to find someone in the organisation to champion your cause, selling is a complex process, and you need somebody in the organisation to aid in selling your product internally. 


Knowing your buyer’s competition can be equally useful. If you understand their competition’s weak & strong points, you can more effectively add value to your product. 

Continuous learning is important, keep upskilling with Uhubs.  

Image credit: Cytonn Photography.

Written by:

Richard Lowe

Published on:

July 21, 2021