You Can’t Have Sales Success Without Proper Recruitment

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With the sales recruitment market in a whirlwind with wage inflation, remote work and global competition for candidates - it’s time to think smarter about recruiting.

Since working in a fast-growing software sales team where recruitment is done properly, I’ve learned three things:

1. Success leaves clues: 

Know what your A players skills/behaviours are. This will help provide clues for your new hires.

2. Sales people care about growth as much as about the money: 

Make sure they are coachable types. Ensure that coaching and development is key to your onboarding strategy. 

3. Supporting new sales hires ramp up fast to first milestones is super important:
The first 90 days matter a lot! 1 in 4 sales reps quits after three months, so this time is crucial to ensure SDR effectiveness and retention. 

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Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo

Written by:

Ash Ali

Published on:

October 13, 2021

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