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๐ŸŽฏ How to connect your HubSpot account to Uhubs

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๐ŸŽฏ How to connect your HubSpot account to Uhubs

You can connect your HubSpot account to Uhubs to see your team's performance data alongside their competency profiles from the Pulse.

  • Discover which competencies fuel your A players
  • Understand the development and performance trends across your team
  • See where you should develop your team to drive higher performance

Uhubs connects to your HubSpot via OAuth, and only reads data. We do not write to your HubSpot.


Setting up your integration

To enable the integration, you must have admin permissions on your HubSpot account and be signed in as a manager on Uhubs.

  1. In your Uhubs dashboard, open the 'Integrations' tab from the navigation menu
  2. Select 'HubSpot' and click 'Connect'
  1. In the HubSpot pop-up, sign-in and select the HubSpot account to complete the integration
  2. When the integration is complete, the pop-up will close and the button will update to read 'Connected'

To deactivate your HubSpot integration, go to the 'Configuration' tab in the pop-up and select 'Disconnect'.


Viewing your data in Uhubs

Once your integration is set-up, Uhubs will read key performance metrics from your CRM. To see these inside Uhubs, navigate to the 'Pulse' tab and select 'Performance'.


Uhubs will display the Performance data for all your direct team members who exist in both Uhubs and HubSpot.

Revenue data is aggregated for default 'Closed Won' columns across all pipelines.

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