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Sales Performance Pulse FAQs

6 min read

What is the Sales Performance Pulse? How does it help me? And other questions...

What is the Sales Performance Pulse?

The Sales Performance Pulse is a tool that helps sales reps and managers build a greater awareness of their skillset using Performance Intelligence.

Each team member answers a series of questions by reflecting on their performance over the last 3 months.

These responses are combined with inputs from their manager and the CRO to give insights and provide recommendations on where the rep would most benefit from developing.

It helps salespeople get a Pulse on their development and find the quickest route to closing more deals.

How does the Pulse work?

The Pulse is most powerful when it combines responses from reps and managers, although reps can do it by themselves.

Reps and managers respond to SaaS sales questions which have been researched and validated by the hundreds of reps who have already completed the Pulse.

These responses are analysed to uncover insights, trends and blindspots. The Pulse produces an ongoing series of reports that identify the right growth path for each team member, to have more productive 1:1s and to track the ROI of development programs.

What do I get from doing the Pulse?

As a rep you will:

  1. Find the right growth path specific to you – no longer does development need to be one-size-fits-all
  2. Benchmark your skillset and sales profile against the SaaS industry
  3. Have more productive 1:1s with your manager by knowing what conversations you should be starting

As a manager you will:

  1. Be able to see where your team are systematically ahead of the pack, or need further support
  2. Know which coaching conversations to have with each of your reps individually
  3. Discover your blindspots, such as whether your team think they are weak where you think they are, or whether their motivation is at an all-time high

As a CRO / CCO you will:

  1. Benchmark your team against the industry and get insights on how to have a best-in-class sales function
  2. Be able to scale your coaching and manager programs across your organisation
  3. Track the ROI of your onboarding and development programs

How does the Pulse fit in with developing my team?

So much money is wasted on development not because the courses are bad (although a lot are...), but simply because they are the wrong one for you.

The Pulse helps teams by giving each individual rep their own set of insights and recommendations that they can use to accelerate their development and reach the next level.

The majority of sales teams jump straight to Step 2 – "Upskilling" – without first finding out where they need to develop in the first place.

How long does the Pulse take?

It takes a rep on average 12 minutes to complete the Pulse, whilst only taking managers 4 minutes per rep.

We as salespeople hate anything that demands too much of our time, so we've built the Pulse with that in mind.

How often does the Pulse happen?

Every company is different, but we believe development should be continuous and that the modern annual "Performance Review" is broken.

We recommend spending 12 minutes completing the Pulse every 90 days to continually receive insights, track ROI and to have meaningful 1:1s.

What categories does the Pulse cover?

The Pulse reviews reps across 8 - 12 categories depending on their role (e.g. Account Execs and SDRs have different category breakdowns).

These categories range from traditional sales competencies such as Negotiation and Prospecting, to in-demand modern skills such as Growth Mindset & Drive, and Team Collaboration.

Can I do the Pulse now?

Well sure you can.

We a trial version of the Pulse and example reports <waiting for you here>.

Alternatively, if you want to learn more and speak to a member of your team about how you can unlock the power of Performance Intelligence, you can <request a demo here>.

Written by:

Sam Broadey

Published on:

March 15, 2021

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