Unlocking Negotiation

Close larger deals that work for you and your client

About this Sprint

The negotiation will make or break deals. Learn how to tilt the balance in your favour.

From making the right first impression, to mastering the art of mirroring, to overcoming challenging characters.

This sprint will give you the skills, frameworks and confidence you need to become a better negotiator.

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Who is this Sprint for?

Digital Learners

Itching to learn something useful and new? Add another bow to your digital quiver

Founders & Business Owners

Develop the skills you need to grow your revenue

Marketing & Sales Professionals

Differentiate yourself and get ahead of the pack

What does this Sprint cover?

Week 1

The first impression

Learn how your first impression can be used to move you up the conscious excellence negotiation framework

Week 2

Using Mirroring

Learn the power of mirroring when negotiating

Week 3

Dealing with challenge

Learn principles for dealing with challenging individuals

"Provided super specific guidelines for setting up ads. Fits well with our current status as we ran our first paid ad on LinkedIn last week."

Startup Founder

"Really practical. Helped me to think about setting up the pipeline for our company. I know where to start from tomorrow."

Growth Team Member

"Taught me the basics of marketing and got me thinking about how I can improve my marketing for growth at a time when I was unsure of how to move forward."

Digital Learner