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The Winning Sales Playbook with Mick Gosset

The SaaS Sales Performance Podcast

December 4, 2023

In this episode of the SaaS Sales Performance podcast, we extend a warm welcome to Mick Gossett, CEO and Co-founder of Jointflows, in the spotlight. Mick, a former maestro in revenue leadership with a remarkable history at prominent brands such as Outreach and Yieldify, shares his odyssey from professional athlete to the architect of thriving brands in the SaaS domain. Join us as Mick delves into the parallels between the realms of sports and sales, underscoring the significance of metrics, deferred gratification, and stepping beyond one's comfort zone. Acquire insights into Mick's outlook for Jointflows, tackling challenges related to visibility, predictability, and forecasting in the revenue terrain. Uncover Mick's viewpoint on the forthcoming evolution of the buying journey, the pivotal role of AI in sales, and the weight of internal alignment for achieving success.

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Also available on, Breaker, PocketCasts and RadioPublic.

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