Deepen your skillset with Uhubs Sprints

Uhubs Sprints are structured, cohort based and deeper in content than the Uhubs Masterclasses

What is a Uhubs Sprint?

If you want a deeper understanding of the Sales, Marketing and Personal Growth topics covered in our Uhubs Masterclasses, then a Uhubs Sprint is for you.

Uhubs Sprints bring you in-depth, structured content that allows you to rapidly upskill in an area in a matter of weeks. These remote sessions don’t beat around the bush. They boost your knowledge, giving you the hands on skills and job-ready resources you need to thrive in your industry.

The goal of Uhubs Sprints is to package up the years of experience from our experts, and hand them to you in a succinct program. You’ll be learning from the best in business - from experts who have been there, done that and are now ready to share their key takeaways.

These Sprints are made for individuals who are ready to get stuck into a topic, and want to walk away with a solid practical understanding of that area. Upon completing a Sprint, you’ll confidently be able to implement your skills in the real world, giving you a serious edge in a short space of time.

Broaden your skills, develop your understanding, and step into your zone of genius.


Prospecting: Get Leads Through Irresistible Emails

2 sessions
What actually makes your leads open, read and reply to your prospecting emails....

Prospecting: Getting Through Gatekeepers With Better Cold Calling

3 sessions
Learn how to nail your calls and win leads without worries.

Objection Handling: Biases, Empathy & Connection

Forget customer concerns on price, product or competitors. You’re about to discover how to overcome any objection.
3 sessions
Overcoming objections is a vital skill. You could be the best salesperson in the world, but if you can’t overcome customer concerns then you won’t be able to close.

Negotiation: Mirror, Label and close more deals

Uncover the negotiation skills that will set you apart from the rest
3 sessions
Uncover your unique negotiation style and fundamental techniques to use across the sales cycle.

Social Selling For LinkedIn

Grow your revenue by generating more leads on LinkedIn
2 sessions
Become a master of LinkedIn and learn how to generate leads and unlock the power of Social Selling.

Prospecting Success

Cut through the noise and engage more effectively with Prospects to boost your pipeline
2 sessions
The techniques will help you work efficiently through a prospecting process that works.

Thriving In A Remote Selling World

Learn the skills to smash your sales when interacting in a virtual setting
3 sessions
Basic Sales Techniques still hold, however in order to sell your product online, there are new skills which you need to develop

Growth Marketing

Immerse yourself in the world of Growth Marketing in the #1 Uhubs Sprint.
3 sessions
Join an intimate community to develop your growth marketing skillset and immediately apply techniques used by the world's fastest growing companies.

B2B Sales Fundamentals

A comprehensive deep dive that will boost your bottom-line.
3 sessions
Take control of your sales process and stand out in your customer's mind after this Sprint.

Communicating With Clients

Bridge the gap with your clients by speaking in their language.
3 sessions
Wise people speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.

Unlocking Negotiation

Grasp the nuances of negotiation and build better business relationships
3 sessions
It pays to be a good negotiator. Whether you’re a business owner, a salesperson, or someone who wants to make more of an impact in conversation, negotiation is a key skill.

Reimagine your skillset and take the next step in your career

Our courses have been built around three main topics: Marketing, Fundraising and Product.
You pick and choose which courses you need, when you need them and build out your unique skillset.
All courses are led by our global expert coaches and are guided by a hands on, peer-to-peer learning approach.
Each course is broken down into flexible modules and includes group mentoring


Uhubs Sprints are structured, cohort based and deeper in content than the Uhubs Masterclasses
What is a Uhubs Sprint?

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