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3 sessions | Starting on Oct 04, 2020
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What is a Uhubs Sprint?

If you want a deeper understanding of the Sales, Marketing and Personal Growth topics covered in our Uhubs Masterclasses, then a Uhubs Sprint is for you.

Uhubs Sprints bring you in-depth, structured content that allows you to rapidly upskill in an area in a matter of weeks. These remote sessions don’t beat around the bush. They boost your knowledge, giving you the hands on skills and job-ready resources you need to thrive in your industry.

The goal of Uhubs Sprints is to package up the years of experience from our experts, and hand them to you in a succinct program. You’ll be learning from the best in business - from experts who have been there, done that and are now ready to share their key takeaways.

These Sprints are made for individuals who are ready to get stuck into a topic, and want to walk away with a solid practical understanding of that area. Upon completing a Sprint, you’ll confidently be able to implement your skills in the real world, giving you a serious edge in a short space of time.

Broaden your skills, develop your understanding, and step into your zone of genius.


About this Sprint

Join an intimate community to develop your growth marketing skillset and immediately apply techniques used by the world's fastest growing companies.

The Uhubs Growth Marketing Course is ideal for ambitious professionals and business owners looking to bring their skillset up to date and achieve growth in 2020.

Previous marketing experience is not necessary and weekly group coaching calls will provide those with less experience with the support they need.

The course is fast paced and a number of topics are covered by a range of Uhubs top Growth Experts.

Earn CPD accreditation when you complete this Sprint.

What you'll be able to do

Build a strong analytical foundation to make smart decisions
Write better copy that will bring business to you
Experiment systematically by using the industry-leading tools

Session breakdown

Session 1 – Gain an understanding of the growth strategies and tactics used by the world's leading growth teams

Learn how to apply Pirate metrics to understand your sales funnel
Understand the different Marketing channels that feed your top of funnel
How to leverage the power of SEO for you business

Session 2 – Gain expertise in cutting-edge research, psychology, copywriting & CRO techniques

Understand research techniques to identify who your customer is
Learn Copywriting and Psychology techniques to capture more leads
Learn how to optimise your sales funnel

Session 3 – Master the end-to-end experimentation process, from ideation, design, analysis & implementation of tools

Learn how to run an experimentation sprint
Understand how to measure success using metrics
Understand which tools to use along the way

Session 4 –

Who is this Sprint for?

Marketing & Sales Professionals

Differentiate yourself and get ahead of the pack.

Founders & Business Owners

Develop the skills you need to grow your revenue.

Digital Learners

Itching to learn something useful and new? Add another bow to your digital quiver.

Meet the Experts

Uhubs Sprints are delivered by some of the world's top Experts in Marketing & Growth:
Hasan Kubba
Entrepreneur, Growth Marketing Expert & Author
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Patrick M. Powers
Sales funnel Expert & Email Copywriter. Entrepreneur & Author.
View profile
Kosta Kolev
Startup Operator & Product Growth
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