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Prospecting: Get Leads Through Irresistible Emails

2 sessions | Coming soon
2 sessions | Starting on May 11, 2021

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What is a Uhubs Sprint?

If you want a deeper understanding of the Sales, Marketing and Personal Growth topics covered in our Uhubs Masterclasses, then a Uhubs Sprint is for you.

Uhubs Sprints bring you in-depth, structured content that allows you to rapidly upskill in an area in a matter of weeks. These remote sessions don’t beat around the bush. They boost your knowledge, giving you the hands on skills and job-ready resources you need to thrive in your industry.

The goal of Uhubs Sprints is to package up the years of experience from our experts, and hand them to you in a succinct program. You’ll be learning from the best in business - from experts who have been there, done that and are now ready to share their key takeaways.

These Sprints are made for individuals who are ready to get stuck into a topic, and want to walk away with a solid practical understanding of that area. Upon completing a Sprint, you’ll confidently be able to implement your skills in the real world, giving you a serious edge in a short space of time.

Broaden your skills, develop your understanding, and step into your zone of genius.


About this Sprint

What actually makes your leads open, read and reply to your prospecting emails....

The annual B2B survey by Chief Marketer shows that email is the best channel to generate leads and also the best channel that produces the highest ROI leads.

However, you are not the only one with access to this incredible tool.

There are thousands of sales reps like you, who are vying to get your prospect’s attention using similar email strategies. Can you guess the number of emails your average prospect receives every day? - just take a look at your own personal imbox...crazy, right_?_

But to add a bit of science to it, an average email user gets around 121 emails a day... And deletes nearly a half of them in under 5 minutes (how many of them are read within that time?).

And there's still more to go.  Only 24% of sales emails are ever opened. But you already know how frustrating that is, don't you?

But if you are on this page, then that means you are looking to get out of the usual pattern. You are looking for practical tactics that are easy to integrate in your work and make your email stand out. You want something that, right?

And you've come at the right place. During this 2 weeks sprint, you will dive along with sales funnel expert and email copywriter Patrick M. Powers into how to instantly captivate people's attention, build that initial trust and trigger the most important emotions in your readers that will get them to say:
"Hey, sounds great, would love to have a chat!"
Earn CPD accreditation when you complete this Sprint.

What you'll be able to do

How to instantly captivate people’s attention and handle their objections
The most important emotions to trigger in subject lines.
Easy ways to Improve your workflow and be way more productive

Session breakdown

Session 1 – Email Presence: Captivating People's Attention

How to instantly captivate people’s attention.
Understanding the main objections and how to handle them.
3 “Short” Rules that makes emails so much more readable.


How to never get writer's block again and write emails to your prospects every day with ease.

Session 2 – Creating Trust and triggering the right emotions

How to write irresistible email subject lines.
How to make your words create instant trust.
The most important emotions to trigger in subject lines.


Easy ways to Improve your workflow and be way more productive;

Must-know Rules that will increase your deliverability.

Session 3 –

Session 4 –

Who is this Sprint for?

The Sales Reps

Struggling to stand-out from the crowd? Differentiate your pitch and get ahead of the pack.

The Scintillating SDRs

Ready to level-up? Invest in yourself and take your development into your own hands.

The Lead Generators

Break through the noise. Learn how others have grown their MQL base and start to develop yours.

Meet the Experts

Patrick M. Powers
Sales funnel Expert & Email Copywriter. Entrepreneur & Author.
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