Strategy: Cut Your Sales Cycle Length In Half with Digital Content

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What is a Uhubs Sprint?

If you want a deeper understanding of the Sales, Marketing and Personal Growth topics covered in our Uhubs Masterclasses, then a Uhubs Sprint is for you.

Uhubs Sprints bring you in-depth, structured content that allows you to rapidly upskill in an area in a matter of weeks. These remote sessions don’t beat around the bush. They boost your knowledge, giving you the hands on skills and job-ready resources you need to thrive in your industry.

The goal of Uhubs Sprints is to package up the years of experience from our experts, and hand them to you in a succinct program. You’ll be learning from the best in business - from experts who have been there, done that and are now ready to share their key takeaways.

These Sprints are made for individuals who are ready to get stuck into a topic, and want to walk away with a solid practical understanding of that area. Upon completing a Sprint, you’ll confidently be able to implement your skills in the real world, giving you a serious edge in a short space of time.

Broaden your skills, develop your understanding, and step into your zone of genius.


About this Sprint

Move deals through the sales process faster with digital content

The digital age has had a huge impact on how companies operate and also how they sell...
...and it continues doing so as technology advances and people's behavior changes alongside it.

Research done by Price Waterhouse Cooper found that about 78% of consumers are influenced, in one way or another, by social media when buying a product or a service. This highlights the importance of knowing how to leverage digital content in your selling process, but also identifying where your buyers get stuck and how you can help simplify the process.

So join this sprint to better understand and use digital marketing to increase your sales and maximize the value of your inbound sales!

Earn CPD accreditation when you complete this Sprint.

What you'll be able to do

Session breakdown

Session 1 – Why funnels are no fun

Session 2 – The buyer enablement formula

Session 3 – How to turn your sales reps into DJs

Session 4 –

Who is this Sprint for?

The Magnificent Marketers

Develop your approach, tilt the odds in your favour and find more qualified needles in the market haystack.

The Sales Reps

Struggling to stand-out from the crowd? Differentiate your pitch and get ahead of the pack.

Meet the Experts

Lawrence Wayne O'Connor
Sales Enablement Coach. SaaS Engine. Apple (former)
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