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Navigating High-Growth Sales with Jorge Bestard

The SaaS Sales Performance Podcast

October 18, 2023

In this episode of the SaaS Sales Performance podcast, we're delighted to introduce Jorge Bestard, Head of EMEA at Canva. As we continue our exploration of revenue leadership at high-growth companies, Jorge shares a captivating career journey that started with a background in boxing and led to a flourishing career in tech sales at just 17. With a wealth of experience in various B2B SaaS organizations, Jorge sheds light on specializing in companies seeking to discover their sales market fit within the enterprise space. He emphasizes the critical importance of hiring for the first sales representative rather than the thousandth. Jorge also delves into the power of product-led growth in B2B sales and its influence on reaching higher-level decision-makers. In a market flooded with products and AI messaging, Jorge highlights the necessity of personalized, standout outreach and shares innovative tactics for cutting through the noise. Tune in to gain valuable insights from Jorge on coaching and developing sales teams in the age of AI, the enduring significance of interpersonal skills, and how human connections remain pivotal at all levels of sales, differentiating, competing, and ultimately achieving success.

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Also available on, Breaker, PocketCasts and RadioPublic.

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